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Friends and Favorite Photos
Ted Kierscey Collection

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Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad Locomotive #71
This image is a digiatal trick - note that the DSP&P locomotive would never have run on the SG&N :-)

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William H. Jackson loading photo equipment for the 1874 Hayden Survey

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Photo of Butch Cassidy taken in May of 1889

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Ted's late friend Dick Ronzio at home in Golden, Colorado

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Ted's late friend Dick Ronzio at home in Golden, Colorado

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Dick Ronzio (left) and Francis Rizzari (right) in Central City

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Charles Weitfle -- famous photographer of the DSP&P and Colorado in the late 1870's and 1880's with his photographic wagon just before leaving for Denver in 1877.

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Promontory,Utah - May 10th, 1869

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