Going to work in the San Juans in 1923
Contributed by Jerry F. Pankow

1923 found Eugene Gerhardt Pankow searching for a means to properly support his family. This conditon is not uncommon for a young student in college who is newly married and the facing the expenses of raising a young daughter. Through his professor, he contacted the Sunnyside Mining and Milling Company in Eureka, Colorado. Telegrams were exchanged, first to ask about the job, secondly to ask about the security of the position, then a suggested start date, and finally the formal offer with agreed start date.

Job Offer
April 22nd, 1923

Second Wire
April 26th, 1923

Response Letter
April 28th, 1923

Acceptance Letter
April 30th, 1923

Letter from Previous Boss
June 5th, 1923

Eugene ventured forth to Colorado where he prepared their new home for occupancy. Mean while, Hertha packed what little they had and followed her husband to Colorado. Barbara, their daughter, was barely one year old. Hertha was pregnant with their second child due, in December. The family took to the hills and vista's and made Colorado their permanent home.

Eugene and Hertha
Just Married! - 1921

The Pankow Family
Eureka, Colorado 1923

Hertha Pankow
Age 21

Barbara Pankow - 1 years of age
Eureka, Colorado 1923

The Company housing varied but was liveable. The town was spread out along the river with the ever present mountains as a backdrop. A view from the Mill shows the town below. Another view documents a pack train winding it's way up the side of the mountain heading who knows where.

Pankow Home - Rent was only $8/month!
Eureka, Colorado 1923

View of mountains
Eureka, Colorado 1923

Eureka from the Sunnyside Mill
Eureka, Colorado - 1923

Company housing
Eureka, Colorado - 1923

View of mountains from Town
Eureka, Colorado - 1923

Company Housing
Eureka, Colorado - 1923

Town View
Eureka, Colorado - 1923

Animas River
Eureka, Colorado - 1923

Sanborn postcard view
MLE Collection

WH Jackson - Mainstreet
MLE Collection

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