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Trout Lake, Colorado - Mile Post 49.1 - Elev. 9,802ft
Contributed by Jerry Clark
Photos by Thomas A. Cruse, Ryan McKittrick, and Mark L. Evans

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Trout Lake was located at Milepost 49.1. The RGS circled the lake, running close to the northeastern shoreline. The lake is natural, but it was dammed to serve as a reservoir for the Ames power plant. A 28 car capacity siding was located here along with a standard 50,000 gallon water tank. The tank still stands today, along with Bridge 51-A located south of the lake. The water tank and trestle are two of the best preserved remaining RGS artifacts.

Bridge 51-A is the last of the RGS trestles. When visiting, avoid walking on it. While it is still standing, it is only a matter of time before the snows and the Lake Fork of the San Miguel will claim it. Please don't hasten its demise.

Today a number of private summer residences exist around the lake. Take care to respect the property of others when you are in the area. The Forest Service is also working on restoring the former RGS bridge 51-A. See the photo gallery below for images of the restoration project.

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Trout Lake Photo Gallery
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