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Bridge #1077 at Estabrook, Colorado
A Survivor of the Denver South Park and Pacific Railway
Photos by Richard Boulware

The posted photos of Denver South Park and Pacific Bridge #1077 show one of the last of this type of bridge on the original South Park. Although some vestiges of similar bridges exist in the Chalk Creek Canyon area, they have been modified to a far greater extent than this bridge.

This bridge was listed in the 1886, and 1894 Bridges and Structures Books as #1077 and is describes as a Combination Strain Beam truss. The bridge is 41'-1/3" in length, and is a near duplicate single span of the double span bridge #1057 which is the first bridge AFTER the all steel span at Buffalo, upstream. Although bridge #1057, crossing the Platte in the east end of the Pine Valley has some smaller modifications, it is simply a double span version of this basic bridge.

The Estabrook bridge is located on private property and only because of official authorization of the local historical society was I, and two other friends, allowed to measure, and photograph this beautiful bridge. Both property owners have been very outspoken about being harassed by unannounced visitors asking permission to trespass over private property to visit the bridge.

As a courtesy to the property owners, we have detailed drawing of the bridge in progress, and will supply information, and photos to interested railfans, and historians, to protect the property rights ....making it unnecessary to bother the property owners.

Specific questions about this bridge will be address by contacting me at boulwareden@msn.com

Enjoy......Richard Boulware - Denver

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Medium shot, looking upstream on the North Fork of the South Platte River.

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Close up of Bridge #1077. Original 14X14" beam pairs under the rails have been replaced with 'I' beams underneath.

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Close up of bottom chord gusset and 12X12" diagonal beam to top chord.

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Close up of re-decked bridge with new long stringers across bridge deck.

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Medium shot of steel support rods, hand forged, and joint of bridge beams at top chord gusset joint.

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Close up of pin connections over twin 'I' beams support rods.

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Close up of pin connections over twin 'I' beams support rods.

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Close up of bottom chord gusset holding 12 X 12" beam at NW corner of the bridge frame and connected to the cut stone bridge pier.

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Close up of steel top chord gusset connecting horizontal and diagonal bridge beam. NOTE: RR Rail welded atop the two upper top chord gussets were added on each side of the bridge for reinforcing when bridge was renovated three years ago. These welded rail sections atop horizontal beams between gussets are NOT original.

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