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Buffalo, Colorado
Aerial Views of the DSP&P Railway Roadbed
Photos by Richard Boulware

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Approaching Buffalo, looking W/SW. The R-O-W is the gravel road. Stream entering from left is Buffalo Creek.
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Buffalo, showing the stone store building. The R-O-W ran north of the building, crossing what is now the paved highway to Pine, crossed a steel Pratt truss bridge, and started a sweeping right hand turn to the NW through a cut, into Pine Valley.
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This closer shot shows Buffalo, the stone bridge piers and the sweeping NW curve through the cut.
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Continuing through the cut, the R-O-W emerges on a fill, and crosses the Platte on a two-section wooden combination truss bridge, each section anchored mid stream, with a cut stone bridge pier island. The line continues on what is now a paved road.
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Approaching Pine (Pine Grove) the R-O-W leaves the paved road and slips south and then makes a straight line into Pine. Note the cinders.
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Closer in, the building with the brown roof, tan sides with two large windows is about the location of the Pine Grove depot.
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